My wife and I live in Chatsworth with two 
children.  We are on city water, which comes from
Carter's Lake. We have had mildew and calcium 
buildup to the point of causing our dishwasher to 
clog and stop working and we are constantly 
cleaning our toilets and shower heads. The taste 
of the water was so bad that we would not drink 
from the faucet. I called Jim and he was very 
professional and knowledgeable. He came and tested
the water thoroughly and came up with a plan for 
our problem. With a filtration and water softener 
system, our problem has been solved. No more 
cleaning of the dishwasher and our water tastes 
much better. Jim's service was very prompt and 
courteous. I would highly recommend his products 
and service.  

Dr's. Keith and Anita Lowe